Waking Up to Sleep

      The COVID-19 pandemic has isolated many and removed numerous zeitgebers that we had unknowingly relied upon. Prolonged lifestyle change and its effect on daily activities and sleep highlight the importance of understanding sleep disorders. Determining the cause of the most common sleep complaints is therefore essential. Children and adults alike experience sleep disorders. These may be related to physiologic, genetic, situational, or lifestyle determinants. Demands of school and work do not always agree with our sleep requirements. Stress, natural sleep propensity, preexisting sleep disorders, and medical comorbidities coupled with maladaptive responses may result in detrimental sleep effects.
      With the increasing volume of available research, organized and curated information is valuable to every clinician. In this issue, esteemed sleep specialists of different medical fields review the most common causes of sleep disorders, approaches to evaluation, and its subsequent management.


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